Comprehensive 24-Hour Truck & Auto Towing

At JP Towing, we offer a wide array of towing and recovery services to our customers throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas. We work around the clock to offer our emergency towing and recovery services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

Whether you’re a truck driver or a commercial fleet owner, JP Towing has the equipment to handle pieces of heavy construction equipment, semi trucks, large boats, and even RVs with our heavy-duty towing service.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Medium-Duty Towing

Though we specialize in heavy-duty towing, JP Towing also offers medium-duty towing services to our neighbors throughout the Sacramento area. Delivery trucks, small campers, boats, and other mid-size vehicles and items fall under this category of our services.

JP Towing has the equipment and expertise to recover vehicles from even the most precarious off-road situations. Rest assured we will help bring your vehicle to safety without it taking another scratch.

Accident Recovery

Roadside Assistance

Not every issue you run into on the road is going to call for a tow truck. For all of life’s smaller inconveniences-- from flat tires to dead batteries, vehicle lockouts and everything in between-- JP Towing is just as ready and willing to provide the fast and friendly help you need.

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